Andrew is very versatile and can jump into almost any role in a broadcast facility.  He has done everything from studio crew for a local newscast to coordinating large scale broadcast events and even designing and building a greenfield studio to launch a national network.  Andrew has great attention to detail, troubleshooting ability, a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn new things which make him a great asset to broadcasters.  Add that to Andrew’s extensive Information Technology experience in both Corporate & Broadcast Applications and he becomes invaluable.

Systems Design & Integration

IMG_20150223_104115Andrew has worked on many system upgrades and expansion projects as well as the Back9 Studio Project where a facility went from ordering all the technical equipment to on-air in sixty days. The Back9Network Studio required Andrew to work with over 20 vendors and contractors to facilitate the completion of construction as well as installation of all systems and outside connectivity. Prior to the network launch, Andrew worked closely with Sirius/XM engineerings to move the audio production of “Matt Adams: Fairways of Life” from Washington D.C. to the Back9 Offices in Hartford, CT to add a video webcast.

Studio & Remote Engineering

IMG_20150223_105026Andrew has experience maintaining and operating in both the studio as well as on remote productions.  His field experience starts with building control rooms piece by piece in the back of a rental truck when he was in college for the Student-Run Television Station to fly-packs to full-scale broadcast events with vendor trucks.  Andrew brings the same “make it work” attitude from the field into the studio, no matter what the problem may be, he will get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Robotic Cameras & Virtual Sets

IMG_20150223_111251Back9Network utilized Hybrid TV’s zero-delay tracking system along with their Titanium PTZ and Chrome Robotic Jib.  Andrew worked closely with both the Hybrid TV staff in the US and abroad as well as Back9’s Shading & Robotics personnel to maintain & upgrade the system.

Broadcast Workflow

IMG_20141121_143101Workflow is one of the most important parts of broadcasting. Without having good workflows in place that are followed by the staff, you won’t be operating efficiently. Andrew has designed workflows for ENG/SNG operation, studio production, ingest, transcode, distribution and archive. Andrew believes in working with the personnel who have to use the workflows to develop the workflows.

Broadcast Event Planning

debate_wideIn November 2008 while at FoxCT/WTIC-TV, Andrew was given two weeks and a very small budget to bring the Manchester Road Race back to television. Worked with Race Organizers, and station management to plan all technical aspects of the broadcast. After the broadcast, Andrew met with the Chief Photographer, News Director, Chief Engineer, Community Relations Manger & General Manager of the station to review the broadcast and plan for future broadcasts. After that meeting, Andrew led the effort to develop several broadcast events for the station, including Parades, Political Debates, a “Dream Wedding” contest, and the Hartford Marathon.

Signal Transport

2011-09-22_08-42-20_52Andrew has spent years doing ENG/SNG work including DVB-S2/H.264/MPEG4 satellite transport while working for both local news stations and on satellite vendor trucks. When he made the move inside to studio engineering, he added Fiber & IP transport for both network distribution (to contracted Master Control) and inbound signals.